A former rock and roll enthusiast turned advertising sell out. I’ve been lucky enough to work with big clients and win some nice awards, however, none will compare to the West Glamorgan Youth League title I won in 2002.

With over 12 years experience, I have picked up multiple awards at major international shows including Cannes Lions, Cannes Lions Health, Cannes Lions Innovation, One Show, D&AD, D&AD Impact, Clio, Dubai Lynx and The Loeries with campaigns across mutliple sectors including traditional, entertainment and health and wellness.

Currently I work as an Associate Creative Director and Head of Design for Impact BBDO Dubai, where I helped the agency to win both Network and Agency of the Year titles at Dubai Lynx 2019 posting a record awards total in the process. More success followed at Cannes Lions 2019 with another agency record total, delivering the regions first Grand Prix in the process.


Cannes Lions 2019
1 x Grand Prix, 6 x Bronze, 1 x Titanium Shortlist, 
1 x Sustainable Development Goals Shortlist, 43 x Shortlist 

D&AD 2019
2 x Wood Pencils, 4 x Shortlist

Clio Awards 2019
7 x Silver, 2 x Bronze, 2 x Shortlist

Loeries 2019
1 x Public Service Award Grand Prix, 2 x Gold, 6 x Silver, 2 x Bronze,
3 x Campaign Craft Certificates

Dubai Lynx 2019
4 x Grand Prix, 1 x Glass, 6 x Gold, 7 x Silver, 9 x Bronze

Adstars 2019
1 x Public Service Advertising Grand Prix, 3 x Grand Prix, 6 x Gold, 5 x Silver, 7 x Bronze

White Square Awards 2019
1 x Grand Prix, 1 x Gold, 2 x Silver

D&AD Awards 2018
2 x Wood Pencils

One Show 2018
4 x Merit

The Loeries 2018
1 x Silver

Dubai Lynx 2018
3 x Gold, 2 x Silver, 2 x Bronze

D&AD Impact 2017
1 x Graphite, 2 x Wood

Cannes Lions 2017
1 x Gold, 2 x Silver, 6 x Shortlist,
1 x Sustainable Development Goals Shortlist

One Show 2017
2 x Merit

Dubai Lynx 2017
1 x Gold, 4 x Silver, 3 x Bronze

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